Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

I’ve been active all my life, playing rugby since the age of 6, and eventually moving on to Martial arts and then MMA. When it comes to injuries, I’ve had most of them! I have found that to prevent them from reoccurring, REHAB is vital!

What is sports massage?

Sports massage treatments involve Neuromuscular techniques and Muscle energy techniques.


NMT also known as Trigger Point Therapy, is derived from Japanese Shiatsu massage and uses firm finger pressure to release trigger points. These create tight bands and tiny bumps or “knots” from the contracted muscle fibres which can be painful and may lead to a restricted range of motion or other sensations, such as tingling or numbness, in seemingly unrelated areas of the body.


Application of pressure whilst stretching the muscle. Trauma or micro trauma causes muscles to become too tight or too loose. This is controlled by our nervous system.
This precise technique tricks the nervous system and re-sets the muscles memory so effectively restoring the muscles correct length.


MET can help to release and relax muscles, and promote the body’s own healing mechanisms.
MET is unique in its application as the client provides the initial effort while the practitioner facilitates the process.
The primary force originates from the contraction of soft tissue, which is then utilised to assist and correct the presenting musculoskeletal dysfunction.

General information

Your first visit will involve a consultation where you will be asked questions about the history of your condition.

An assessment and examination will then be carried out. The session will last approximately 1 HOUR and although the majority of the first session will involve exploratory assessments you WILL receive treatment.

Follow up treatments will vary depending on what is needed at consultation
If it is decided that your injury requires further specialized investigation, then you will be referred accordingly.

If you need to correct muscle imbalances, postural distortions, or body weaknesses, we’ll address those points in your program along with including a mix of metabolic, energy system and resistance training.

What conditions can I treat?

• Muscle and Tendon Strain
• Ligament Sprains
• Ankle Impingements
• Osteitis Pubis
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Frozen Shoulder
• Golfers/Tennis Elbow
• Shin Splints
• Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
• Lower Back Pain
• Sciatica
• Neck Pain

More Information

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