Goliath's Fitness Circuit

Goliath's Fitness Circuit

All About Health & Fitness – New Site Launched

I have launched my new training website: www.allabouthealthandfitness.co.uk, where you can find all the information about my health and fitness training services.

Group Training Group fitness training for those who like to train with company / friends!

Research shows that friends who exercise together get better results. This gives you a good reason to start and stick to your fitness training sessions. Goliath’s Fitness Circuit is perfect for groups of 4 to 8 people – it is designed to help you exercise in a small group where you will get some individual attention from the trainer as well as the encouragement from your fellow group members.

Another advantage of group fitness training is that the group can spread the cost of a session, which means it’s financially preferable than one-to-one personal training.

“What I Can Expect From A Group Fitness Training Session?”

Each session lasts 1 hour. Within the session a combination of training methods will be utilized, including Cardio exercises, vibration training, strength and conditioning workouts. The purpose is to build up overall fitness level through out continuous sessions, including increasing muscle strength, improve joint function, increase aerobic/anaerobic endurance and tone the body.

“Do I Need To Have The Same Fitness Levels Of Group Members To Train In This Group?”

You don’t have to have the same fitness level as all the other group members. Neil will give individual attention and instructions during each session.

“How To Join Group Fitness Training Sessions?”

There are 2 ways that you can join Group Fitness Training sessions with Neil Goliath Grove. You can either find your own group of friends and then book an appointment with Neil, or you can join an existing group. Sessions to be pre-booked.

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